1993 to 1995 – THE FAMILY BUSINESS

The Family Business Act I - 1995 Script PDF
The Family Business Act II - 1995 Script PDF
The Family Business Act III - 1995 Script PDF
"An artist's evolution" by Judith Green in the San Francisco Examiner 1994 PDF
"Family in a Family in a Play in a Play" by Ben Brantley in The New York Times March 1, 1994 LINK
"Age Finds Them Creatively Agile" by Linda Winer in New York Newsday March 4, 1994 PDF
By Deborah Jowitt in The Village Voice March 8, 1994 PDF
"Son Spots" by Michael Feingold in The Village Voice March 8, 1994 PDF
"All in the Family" by Joan Acocella in Art in America April 1995 PDF
"A Memorable Family in Turmoil" by Jan Stuart in New York Newsday April 4, 1995 PDF
"'Family' gets the business" by Clive Barnes in the New York Post April 4, 1995 PDF
"'Family Business': As I Lay Kvetching" by Howard Kissel in Daily News April 5, 1995 PDF
"The Family Business" by Greg Evans in Variety April 10-16, 1995 PDF
"Lifetimes of Frustration In 'Family Business'" by Wilborn Hampton in The New York Times April 11, 1995 LINK
"It's All in the Family But Is That Enough?" by Margo Jefferson in The New York Times April 16, 1995 LINK
By Michael Feingold in The Village Voice April 18, 1995 PDF
"Aunt Misbehavin'" by L. C. Cole in New York Native April 24, 1995 PDF
"Love Valour Remembrance" by Aaron Mack Schloff in Lesbian and Gay New York April 24, 1995 PDF
"Postmodern Medley" by Tobi Tobias in New York Magazine May 8, 1995 PDF
"It's All of Our Business" by Mark Swed in the Los Angeles Times November 26, 1995 PDF
"Actor breaks new ground in a dress" by Paul Hodgins in The Orange County Register December 1, 1995 PDF
"Family Affair" by Jim Farber in Daily Breeze December 5, 1995 PDF
"'Family Business' is one on stage" by Paul Hodgins in The Orange County Register December 5, 1995 PDF
"'Family Business' plumbs depths of caring for ailing loved ones" by Daryl H. Miller in Daily News December 5, 1995 PDF
"Giving the Business to Business of Caretaking" by Laurie Winer in the Los Angeles Times December 5, 1995 PDF
"The Family Business" by Jamie Painter in Back Stage West December 7, 1995 PDF
"Failing Business" by Deborah Klugman in Los Angeles View December 8-14, 1995 PDF
"Clan Destined" by Jane Wollman Rusoff in Downtown News December 11, 1995 PDF
"the double identity of David Gordon" by Roger Copeland in Dance Theatre Journal 1996 PDF
"Turning a puppet show into a marital musical" by Douglas J. Keating in The Philadelphia Inquirer May 5, 1996 PDF
"David Gordon: Double Identity" by Roger Copeland in American Theatre July/August 1996 PDF
"Three lives in the theater is a real family affair" by Jerry Tallmer in The Villager December 25, 1996 PDF
"No Attitude Turns" by Richard Goldstein in The Village Voice October 7, 1997 PDF
"David Gordon" by Suzanne Carbonneau in Pillow Notes August 2002 PDF
"Conjuring a Modern Utopia Straight Out of Ancient Greece" by Tobi Tobias in The New York Times January 8, 2006 LINK
The Family Business Photos
@ Serious Fun!, Lincoln Center, NYC 1993 Program PDF
@ Danspace Project, NYC 1993
@ Dance Theater Workshop, NYC 1994 Program PDF *Watch at Digital Collections NYPL
@ New York Theatre Workshop, NYC 1995 Program PDF *Watch here at Digital Collections NYPL
@ Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, CA 1995
@ Center Stage at the Stroum Jewish Community Center, Mercer Island, WA 1996