Past/Forward voiceover Script PDF
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Sections by David Gordon: Overture to "The Matter" (from '79 The Matter (Plus and Minus)), Chair Intro 2000, Chair/Two Times (see '74 Chair), For the Love of Rehearsal (see '01 FAMILY$DEATH@ART.COMedy), '98 Beethoven.
Section by Ain Gordon: '79 Broom (from The Matter (Plus and Minus))
Archive excerpts included in: '16 Live Archiveography

*Watch July '00 rehearsal here at Digital Collections NYPL

@ McCarter Theater, Princeton, NJ 2000 Program PDF
@ Discovery Theatre, Anchorage, AK 2000 Program PDF
@ The Lied Center at University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 2000 Program PDF
@ Gammage Auditorium, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 2000 Program PDF
@ The Castle Theatre, Maui Arts and Cultural Center, HI 2000 Program PDF
@ UCLA Royce Hall, Los Angeles, CA 2000 Program PDF *Watch here at Digital Collections NYPL
@ Zellerbach Hall at UC-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 2000 *Watch here at Digital Collections NYPL
@ The Byham Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA 2000 Program PDF
@ Lisner Auditorium, Washington Performing Arts Society, Washington, D.C. 2000 Program PDF
@ Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago, IL 2000 Program PDF
@ Festival d’Automne à Paris, Maison de la Culture, Paris, France 2000 Program PDF
@ BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, NY 2001 Program PDF