1982 – T.V. REEL

T.V. Reel "Best Friends" Script PDF
T.V. Reel "Do You Love Me" Script PDF
T.V. Reel "I Can't" Script PDF
T.V. Reel "Oh No" Script PDF
T.V. Reel "The Summer I Was 20" Script PDF
T.V. Reel "Uh Oh Uh Huh" Script PDF
T.V. Reel "Where's Susan" Script PDF
Program note by Sali Ann Kriegsman in Smithsonian Institution, Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History, D.C. 1982 Program PDF
"Dance: David Gordon's 'T.V. Reel'" by Jennifer Dunning in The New York Times March 15, 1982 LINK
"An hour of 'reel' love" by Linda Winer in Daily News March 19, 1982 PDF
"Post-Modern Confessions" by Tobi Tobias in New York Magazine March 29, 1982 PDF
"A Refreshing View of Language, Movement" by Marilyn Tucker in the San Francisco Chronicle June 14, 1982 PDF
"Gordon's dance is witty and verbal" by Janice Ross in Tribune Today June 14, 1982 PDF
By Sally Banes in DanceMagazine August 1982 PDF
"The Elastic Antics of David Gordon" by Pamela Sommers in The Washington Post October 31, 1982 PDF
"David Gordon" by Suzanne Levy in The Washington Post November 2, 1982 PDF
"Making Work" by Arlene Croce in The New Yorker November 29, 1982 LINK
"David Gordon's Dance Ironies" by Jennifer Dunning in The New York Times December 12, 1982 LINK
"Pranks and Ironies" by Anne Pierce and "Theatrical Hijinks" by Meade Andrews in the Washington DanceView January-February 1983 PDF
"David Gordon's dancers are a real pick-me-up" by James Wierzbicki in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat March 28, 1983 PDF
By Robert Greskovic in Ballet News April 1983 PDF
"People may talk about (but not in) Gordon's new work" by Mike Steele in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune April 1, 1983 PDF
"Dancers merge for absorbing program" by Mike Steele in Minneapolis Star and Tribune April 7, 1983 PDF
"David Gordon Spurns Theory" by James A. Martin in The Evening Post June 3, 1983 PDF
"Gordon performance pedestrian" by Robert Ivey in Festival Times Daily June 3, 1983 PDF
"Pick Up Company Provides Appealing Evening of Dance" by Helen C. Brandenburg in The News and Courier June 3, 1983 PDF
"10 Minute TV David Gordon" by Ronn Smith in Theatre Crafts October 1983 PDF
"Dance: David Gordon" by Jennifer Dunning in The New York Times May 22, 1984 LINK
"Life Studies" by Arlene Croce in The New Yorker June 18, 1984 PDF
"Man in Demand" by Susan Reiter in Ballet News May 1985 PDF
"David Gordon Lights Up Your Mind" by Burt Supree in The Village Voice May 21, 1985 PDF
"Lighter than Meaning and Larger than Air" by Mindy Aloff in On The Next Wave November 1986 PDF
"A Post-Modernist Revival" by Jennifer Dunning in The New York Times November 8, 1990 LINK
"Mysteries of the Humorous" by Janice Berman in New York Newsday July 11, 1991 PDF
T.V. Reel Photos
Excerpts included in: '80 Performance Collage
Archive excerpts included in: '16 Live Archiveography
@ Setterfield-Gordon SoHo Studio, NYC 1982 Program PDF *Watch rehearsal here at Digital Collections NYPL
@ Smithsonian Institution, Baird Auditorium, National Museum of Natural History, D.C. 1982 Program PDF
@ Bessie Schönberg Theater, Dance Theater Workshop, NYC 1982 Program PDF
@ Spurrier Gym, University of Rochester, NY 1983 Program PDF
@ Stalter Auditorium, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 1983 Program PDF
@ Benedicta Arts Center, St. Joseph, MN 1983 Program PDF
@ St. Louis Art Museum, MO 1983 Program PDF
@ Hancher Loft, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 1983 Program PDF
@ Spoleto Festival USA, Garden Theatre, Charleston, SC 1983 Program PDF
@ Dance Theater Workshop, NYC 1990 Program PDF
@ Stephen Foster Theater, Pittsburgh Dance Council, PA 1990 Program PDF
@ Colden Center of Queens College, NYC 1990 Program PDF